Optimize your notoriety, gain in efficiency,
collect customer data, retain your contacts, reduce your costs, increase your income optimize your employer brand


MY BODY FLAGS has expertise in digital marketing & cybersecurity. We offer many ways in which a company can maximize its online marketing strategy by defining the most effective presence and defense strategies to:

  • respect internet regulations and compliance, 

  • respect customer's data privacy and trusty,

  • prevent cyber attacks.

MY BODY FLAGS provide:

  • suitable experts with the skills required and more,

  • customized and securised solutions according the client project

  • awareness campaign and training for teams or future employee in charge can be confident in.


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We will be in touch with you shortly to advise you about your External DPO representation and/or marketing strategy in relation to your market positioning, your objectives and your budget.


We create a permanent dialogue, offer complete support at every stage: from identification to implementation tools passing by consulting expert and eventually innovate with a new business model or whithout according to the changes in the economic environment.

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